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UNESCO World Heritage, music history around Johann Sebastian Bach, Martin Luther and the Reformation history, castles and palaces or cycling and hiking vacations in scenic natural landscapes. Let us introduce you to our themes and give you tips and information. Find out what Thuringia has to offer and decide for yourself.

Duchess Anna Amalia Library ©Jens Hauspurg, Thüringer Tourismus GmbH

Packed with World Heritage

Weimar, Erfurt, Eisenach and the Hainich National Park are the places that have been honoured with entries in the UNESCO World Heritage List. And that is a lot of heritage within a short travelling distance. In Weimar, culture vultures will find two thematic complexes: Classicism and Bauhaus. Numerous museums, palaces, gardens and the houses of the poets Goethe and Schiller are part of this.  Eisenach is the town of Wartburg Castle, often referred to as THE German castle. Almost a thousand years old, it has witnessed many historical events and was the inspiration for Richard Wagner's "Tannhäuser" opera, which is regularly performed here. Erfurt's medieval Jewish heritage is the most recent entry on the UNESCO list. It comprises several objects. The centrepiece is the Old Synagogue whose oldest parts date back to around 1000 AD. And finally, the Hainich, with its primeval beech forests. This is a World Heritage Site where via a treetop trail you can "climb to the roof" of a forest. World Heritage in Thuringia

Bach statue in Arnstadt ©Martin Kirchner, Stiftung Lutherhaus Eisenach

Bach and family 

The Bach family dominated Thuringia’s musical life for more than 200 years. Many historical sites have been preserved, such as Johann Sebastian Bach's baptismal church in Eisenach, the Bach Church in Arnstadt and the wedding church in Dornheim. The latter is the location of Johann Sebastian Bach's first wedding in 1707. At the Bach House in Eisenach, you can find out more about the period, life, and work of the musical world star from Thuringia. The annual Thuringian Bach Weeks in spring provide the perfect musical backdrop for a "journey to Bach". Find out more on Bach in Thuringia.

Library of the Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt ©Martin Kirchner, Thüringer Tourismus GmbH

Martin Luther, student, monk, reformer

He went to school in Eisenach, studied the Seven Liberal Arts in Erfurt and later became a monk and a priest. The Augustinian monastery, Georgenburse, St Michael's Church and St Mary's Cathedral are among the most important Luther sites in Erfurt. But he preached practically everywhere. And that also applies to other places in Thuringia. After all, the reformer Luther was also at Wartburg Castle, where he hid from his persecutors in 1521/22. It is well known that he used his stay at the castle to begin his translation of the Bible. The Luther House in Eisenach has an interesting and highly entertaining exhibition on this subject. More on "Lutherland".


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Thuringian state exhibition 2025

Under the heading "freiheyt 1525. 500 years of the Peasants' War", Thuringia is commemorating the events of the German Peasants' War in 1525. The centre of the exhibition is the historic town of Mühlhausen with its museums and Müntzer memorials. This will be complemented by exhibitions in the Bad Frankenhausen Panorama Museum, which is located directly on the old battlefield. More information is available here.

Friedenstein Palace in Gotha ©Marcus Glahn, Stiftung Schloss Friedenstein Gotha

Castles, palaces, gardens

There are around 400 castles and palaces in Thuringia, with different stories and characters. Among them princely residences, remnants of a "Thuringian petty statehood" that has become proverbial over the centuries. Every count, duke or prince had his own palace, one or more summer residences and always a beautiful garden. And, of course, collections - paintings, porcelain, historical fans and much more. Today, all of this is a great cultural asset and an attraction for visitors. Often, you can already see Thuringia’s castles while driving on the motorway. Some of them are museums, others are places to stay overnight or dine. And some are picturesque ruins that you can visit to let your imagination run wild. For example, Mühlburg Castle, whose history possibly dates back to the 6th century, the time of the Thuringian kings and Princess Radegunde.

 Thuringian Rhön ©Marius Holler, Rhön GmbH

Our nature

A biodiverse low mountain range, a hiking trail about which songs have been written and one of Germany’s oldest beech woods: you’ll find all of these in Thuringia’s wonderful nature.Thuringia’s areas of outstanding natural beauty offer a variety that is unique, and unparalleled natural sights. None of these eight protected areas is like the next; each of them has its own specific character. Five nature reserves, one national park and two biosphere reserves promise exciting discoveries and guarantee a wide choice of outdoor activity offers as well as relaxing, restorative breaks. Whether paddling on the Saale river, cycling along the Werra river, hiking on the Rennsteig trail or relaxing with yoga on the tree tops trail – the choice is incredibly varied, and this at any time of the year. Find some nature tips here.

Werra valley cycle path ©Joachim Negwer, Thüringer Tourismus GmbH

Out and about on cycling and hiking trails

Thuringia is ideal for active holidaymakers. Cycle paths along rivers are good for tours at different levels of difficulty. They combine nature experience with traditional hospitality and the discovering places of cultural history. There is also a good e-bike infrastructure along many routes. Regional trains in Thuringia transport bikes free of charge. 
For hikers, Thuringia offers a large network of quality trails. The legendary Rennsteig trail in the Thuringian Forest is just one of them. Germany's most beautiful hiking trails in 2022 and 2023 (chosen by the readers of "Wandermagazin") are also located in Thuringia. These are the peak trail “Gipfelweg” in the Thuringian Forest and the Saale Horizontale route in the middle Saale valley.
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